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Is your company building single-family homes?
Home builders are waiting for your offer.

You know that your offers are impressive:
Your company can rely on experienced employees and partners
fall back, it enjoys a good reputation. Your prices
are marketable, your home offers are attractive. You have
about enough references from satisfied builders.

But do your potential customers know that too?

No matter whether you build solid, prefabricated or wooden houses;
no matter, whether you are a regionally oriented
family business or a nationwide company are:
You are warm invited to find out your
to introduce to future customers.

We maintain an internet-based database system that is constantly updated by
interested home builders from all over Germany is used,
who are looking for the right house construction company for themselves.

At the same time, a wide variety of house providers are registered with us with their offer profiles and the regions in which they build. This is also an option for you.

For each request for interest received, we use the stored offer profile to compare which providers the prospect might be an interesting customer for.

They are given the opportunity to present their company to the prospective customer and to submit a personal offer (which is already expected).

Bauherren aus Ihrer Region freuen sich auf Ihr Hausangebot.

Through this data comparison, every interested party only receives offers that are actually relevant for him - and the house provider only interested parties that he can and wants to serve.

This targeted, highly effective system not only saves time but also money: Getting to know an interested party via costs significantly less than would be the case in the conventional way.

You will find out all the details if you set up your test access to our website free of charge and without obligation.

Set up free trial access now ...

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